About application of spray derusting

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Along with the development of the economy, steel pipes in various chemical is widely used in the transport industry, steel pipe surface treatment is the key to determine the service life of pipeline.The life of the coating factors besides the coating types, coating quality and construction environment, the surface of the steel pipe processing has a very big impact on the life of the coating.This ShiGang pill will come in handy.

Spray derusting is driven by high-power motor jet high-speed rotating blade, make steel wandeng abrasive under the action of centrifugal force on steel pipe surface spray (cast) processing, such not only can thoroughly remove rust, oxides and dirt, and under the action of abrasive violent impact and friction, the steel tube can meet the need of uniform roughness.Steel pipe after descaling in spray (left), not only enlarged the physical adsorption on the surface of the steel tube, also enhances the corrosion protection layer and mechanical adhesion on the surface of the pipe.Shot derusting spray (cast) is an ideal cleaning pipeline corrosion protection method.Derusting shot peening (sand) is mainly used for the pipe inner surface treatment and shot (sand) is mainly used for pipe derusting outside surface treatment.

Using steel shot shot derusting spray (cast) several problems should be paid attention to. 

Can according to the degree of hardness on the surface of the steel tube, the original corrosion, requirements of surface roughness, coating types to choose abrasive, such as using a mixture of steel shot abrasive are more likely to achieve ideal cleaning effect.Steel shot can strengthen the steel surface, usually for 40 ~ 50 HRC hardness steel shot, even if it is used in class C and D corrosion of steel surface, cleaning effect is very good also.
Steel pipe surface treatment of the serious influence the service life of the pipeline, which is the most simple and direct, so be in strict accordance with the specification on the coating on the surface of steel pipe requirements, constantly summarize and improve the surface of the steel pipe processing method.

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