About blow holes of steel shot

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Cast steel shots are widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, aircraft and container manufacturing parts surface cleaning, derusting, paint and surface strengthening.Its advantages have been widely recognized by repeated trials and market tests.Green environmental protection, high efficiency, low carbon, long life, low damage rate, fatigue resistance, easy operation, etc., have become the reason why people choose it.Despite many of the advantages of steel shot china products, however, when using water jet method producing cast steel shot, or prone to hollow defect, the existence of the defect is occurred in the process of steel shot in serving the main cause of fracture failure, also makes the service life of steel shot significantly reduced.In addition, the existence of hollow steel shot also significantly increases the corresponding production cost.

The technical personnel analyzed the defect and particle size distribution law of steel shot through field collection data to determine the factors that affect the defect of steel shot.The experimental results show that:

1. On the surface of the scanning electron microscope, the hole defects in the steel shot are mainly stoma and shrinkage cavity, and its formation mechanism is similar to that of the ductile porosity and shrinkage cavity in the castings.

2. In the casting process, the size of the steel shot is less than 2.5mm, and the steel shots with larger size are mainly generated at the end of the pouring process.

3. With the increase of the particle size of the steel shot, the hollow rate increases as a whole, and the smaller the particle size, the lower the hollow ratio of the steel shot.The hollow ratio of steel shot is obviously higher than that of steel shot in initial casting.

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