About hardness of steel shots and steel grits

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Steel shot hardness, there are three kinds of the most commonly used indicators: brinell hardness, rockwell and vickers hardness.The implications of brinell hardness: with a certain diameter of hardened steel pill, under a certain load (p), pressed into the surface of the specimen, stay for a period of time, and then remove the load and measure the area of the indentation, the smaller the indentation resistance plastic deformation ability (i.e., hardness), the greater the hardness is smaller, the greater the represented by "HB".

The implications of rockwell hardness: under the prescribed loads, steel shot or diamond indenter vertical pressure into the surface of the specimen, indentation, test indentation depth, the formula using rockwell hardness HR = (K H)/C rockwell hardness can be calculated.Simple said is creasing the more shallow, HR value, the greater the material hardness is higher.By "HRC".Representative under the test load of 150 kg, using diamond cone apex Angle of 120 degrees of head, indentation depth of the specimen is 0.08 mm.

Brinell hardness implications: is the use of vertex Angle of 136 degrees of diamond square pyramid head, steel shot down into the surface of the specimen under certain load, leave the square indentation, according to the length of the diagonal, can be found to hardness value.

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