About plate steel and classifications

- May 10, 2018 -

Thick steel plate refers to steel plates with a thickness greater than 3 mm.

Thick steel plate is divided into special thick steel plate and medium thick steel plate.Extra thick steel plate refers to steel plate thickness not less than 50 mm.It is mainly used for shipbuilding, boiler, beam and high pressure vessel shell etc.

Classification of steel plate (including strip) :steel plate.jpg

1. According to the thickness classification :(1) thin plate, the thickness is not greater than 3mm(except electrical steel plate) (2) medium plate, thickness is 4-20mm (3) thick plate, thickness is 20-60mm (4) special thickness plate, thickness is greater than 60mm.

2. Classification by means of production :(1) hot rolled steel plate (2) cold rolled steel plate.

3. Classification by surface features :(1) galvanized sheet (hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet) (2) tin plate (3) composite steel plate (4) color coated steel plate.

4, according to use classification: (1) the bridge plate (2) boiler plate (3) the shipbuilding steel plate armor plate (4) (5) the car plate (6) roof structure of steel plate (7) (8) electrical sheet steel, silicon steel sheet) (9) spring plate (10) heat resistant steel plate (11) alloy steel plate (12) the other

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