About shot blasting machine and how to control flow of steel shot

- Dec 06, 2017 -

1.Steel shot blasting cleaning machine mainly using steel shot on the high speed rotating disk using the effect of centrifugal force, the high-speed steel shot hit parts surface, to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts surface, shotblast cleaning function make parts surface compressive stress, and there is no containing silicon powder, small pollution to the environment.

Roller type steel shot blasting cleaning machine, steel, steel plate size and reasonable structure for one-time by cleaning up.Roller type steel shot blasting machine for steel, steel plate size and reasonable structure for one-off by cleaning up.Steel roller type shot blasting cleaning machine can not only remove the workpiece welding ability, improve the fatigue strength, and ultimately achieve the goal of improve the quality of surface and internal.

2.Steel shot blasting cleaning machine of steel shot flow can not only determine by determine the current drive motor.

Current can be used to determine whether shot blasting machine working in the best condition, with blasting quantity but not detailed measure steel shot flow, can according to the rated current and no-load current of coarse, the maximum number of shot blasting steel shot blasting cleaning machine with shot blasting machine is directly related to the power, can generally reach 16 kg/kW. Min. 15 kW of shot blasting machine in current reaches a 30 minute steel shot flow of about 16 * 15 = 240 kg.

Steel grit steel shot blasting machine is how to make, coarse sand and fine sand should be how to match sand La, credit to the surface in steel shot blasting machine, which has relations with the design of the steel shot blasting cleaning machine, a cast steel shot blasting cleaning machine of the head, is certain to the requirement of the size of steel shot.

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