About steel shot china products

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Some informations about steel shot china produts

Cast steel shot china products, steel grit china products, commonly known as the projectile, steel, chrome molybdenum alloy steel shots, is the alternative products shots for cast iron and iron, is used for roller, chain, hook type, crawler type, through type, turntable, product type, step type, car type shot blasting machine, shot blasting cleaning machine, shot blasting cleaning equipment, shot blasting machine, shot blasting, shot peening equipment, sandblasting machine, sandblasting equipment, steel pretreatment line, steel pretreatment line, steel pretreatment line of metal abrasive.

This product USES the scrap steel, selection of raw materials to add best ratio of rare metals and alloys, the electric furnace smelting, modern equipment into the steel grain production, and the electric heating processing, automatic screening for many times, in the process of liquid metal forming steel grit, its chemical composition and particle size are tightly controlled, to ensure their mechanical properties conform to a variety of purposes.In every production link has the most strict quality control, tightly organized within the production of steel shot, invulnerability to breakage and uniform particle size distribution, have moderate strength, impact resistance is strong, long fatigue life.

  • Steel Grits G14
  • Material SUS430 Stainless Steel Shot - 0.8mm for Surface Preparation
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot 1.2mm
  • Zinc Shot
  • Steel Shot S330
  • Supply SAE Standard Steel Shot

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