About Surface coating and surface roughness

- Jan 26, 2018 -

During shotblasting with steel shots, informations about surface coating and surface roughness

In the airless shot blasting tests, test the casting blast cleaning indicators are: two of the most important technology in surface coating, surface roughness.

Surface coverage is the area of the surface after bullet wounds to occupy the shotblast cleaning and the requirement of the ratio between the area of the blasting, generally 100% coverage on the surface, can be equivalent to a very thorough blasting derusting, surface should be no visible adhering sand, scale, rust, sintering layer, such as attachments, any remaining traces of should only be dot or stripes slight discoloration of the casting surface cleanliness to Sa2.5 level, surface coverage (surface cleanliness) associated with shot, cast steel shot time specification.

Surface roughness of the surface after the shotblast cleaning small spacing and small peak valley of roughness irregularities technical indicators, casting cleaning surface roughness Ra or Rz available after two indicators, both as follows: conversion relationship between Ra * 6 = Rz, measurement, should be on the surface of 100% coverage, after comparing roughness standard specimens compared to judge, or use touch stitch determination, the projectile velocity, surface roughness of cast steel shot specifications related.

  • Blasting Stainless Steel Abrasives
  • Steel Cut Wire Shot 1.0mm
  • Aluminum Shot1.2mm
  • White Fused Alumina
  • Steel Grit GH12
  • S330 Steel Shot for Surface Preparation

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