About waste bead wires

- May 14, 2018 -

In the rubber industry, it is necessary to use a large amount of skeleton material, whether it is a tire or duct tape, and the scope of use is increasing.

steel cut wireFor example, the main raw material of rubber powder is made of cloth wire wool, which can be used according to different parts, such as wire cord, wire cord, bead wire and cutting short wire.Other such as high pressure hose, high strength transport also use metal steel for the skeleton reinforcement material.

Steel wire is made of high quality carbon steel after brushed wire, the surface is plated with yellow steel or bronze.It is a kind of high performance steel, which is mainly made of steel wire wool.In general tire composition, the quality of the steel wire is about 14% of the quality of the tyre, so the factory that produces the rubber powder from the waste tyre, the number of waste steel wire is also quite large.Rubber powder production plant by-products waste steel wire, as a useful byproduct of recycling for steel mills to produce steel for recycling, turning waste into treasure.

Bead wire can make steel cut wire shots with different sizes,they are all for shotblasting purpose.

steel cut wire shot

  • Shipbuilding and Steel Structure Blasting Shots and Grits
  • Alloy Abrasive Grit GH25
  • Steel Shots S170
  • Slag Coagulant used for Casting Iron
  • SAE Standard Cast Steel Shot
  • Steel Shot Made of Steel Wools

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