The higher the hardness of steel balls, the better the abrasive resistance?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Steel shot is a commonly blasting materials used in metal workpiece, steel shots are tightly organized, uniform size, which deal with the surface of metal parts can play a role in increasing the surface pressure of metal parts can be improved The anti - fatigue ability of the workpiece. The use of steel shots to deal with the surface of the metal workpiece with a clean speed characteristics, steel shots have the appropriate hardness, with good resilience, the internal corner and the shape of the complex parts can be evenly and quickly clean up, shorten the surface treatment time, Efficiency, is a very good surface treatment material. So, is it the higher the hardness of steel shot, the better the abrasive resistance?

The research and production practice shows that the hardness of steel shots is quite different and the abrasive resistance is very different, which is related to the matrix.

1, steel shot balls in the hardness is similar, heat treatment steel shot wear resistance is higher than the heat treatment of steel balls.

2, the composition of different steel shot balls  through the heat treatment to achieve similar hardness, theabrasive resistance is different.

3, steel hardness and abrasive resistance of the line through the coordinates of the line. For heat treatment steel shots, if the relationship line extrapolated with the ordinate intersection. This indicates that the hardness and abrasive resistance of the heat treated steel shot can not be expressed in a simple proportional relationship.

Therefore, the steel shot on the carbon drill nickel molybdenum steel in different microstructure of the adhesive wear test, found that hardness and wear resistance is not a linear relationship. 

The results show that the steel shot only from the hardness to determine abrasive resistance is not always appropriate. The surface hardness of the steel ball after wear and found that the wear and surface hardness have a good linear relationship, such as in different heat treatment state, with two straight lines than with a more explain the relationship between the hardness and abrasive resistance. In the state of quenched martensite and low temperature tempered martensite, the abrasion resistance of steel balls increased with the increase of hardness. In the annealing and tempering above 300 ° C, the hardness increase is not much change in wear resistance.

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