Advantages of steel cut wire shot

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Steel cut wire shot, most of them are using scrap steel wire rope manufacturing, shot high hardness, the wear resistance is good, shot peening is durable, long service life.
China product steel rope 1.8 million tons first in the world, phosphating wire rope is one of the world revolutionary innovation in the field of technology, the service life of the fatigue life of large amplitude jump, smooth wire rope historical mission has been completed, fully into the era of phosphating coating wire rope:
1. Phosphating coating steel wire rope, steel wire by the department or zinc manganese phosphating, wire wear-resisting, corrosion rust resistance jump in an all-round way, the fatigue life is about three times with smooth surface structure wire rope, please validate the fatigue life by fatigue test (is an upgraded version of smooth steel wire rope, but also can replace zinc plating before they pull thin layer of galvanized steel wire rope is used, at present still supplies, in short supply)
2. Galvanized steel wire rope, galvanized and electricity galvanized
3. Stainless steel wire rope, 304 or 316 stainless steel
4. Plastic coated steel wire rope, wire rope, based on the outer coating polyethylene or polypropylene
5. Smooth steel wire rope, wire rope will be phosphating coating fully replace.

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