Alloy steel pill characteristics

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Alloy steel pill life is generally 3000 to 3500 times, that is to say it can be recycled so many times, in fact, there is no retirement standards, in the cycle it will slowly wear and tear into a dust. Use a lot of any workpiece surface treatment can be used almost. Because the life of alloy steel pills is long, so by the customer's favorite, and the market is also very good use of a lot, especially some ship factory, mold industry, foundry, steel and other types of enterprises.

Alloy steel pill is generally 15-30% longer than the life of cast steel pills, because the alloy steel pills without stomatal and loose tissue uniformity is also good, alloy steel pill is used for precision stainless steel alloy balls for stainless steel and Aluminum castings, because of its shot peening will not pollute the castings and more wearable. While the high hardness of the aircraft for the engine and diesel engine blades, cylinders, connecting rod reinforcement. Because of its appearance is bright, it will not be rusty Features Widely used in automotive spring suspension springs, quenching gears, screws, chains, all kinds of stamping parts, standard parts and stainless steel and other high hardness of the surface of the workpiece spray processing, Of the workpiece with surface descaling surface strengthening treatment.

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