Analysis on the Usage and Precautions of Aluminum shots

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In the first time, put 0.6mm type of aluminum shot on the aluminum melting furnace, connected to the power, turn on the power switch, adjust the temperature to "250" ℃ or so, with aluminum in the red heating tube Apply aluminum, cover the heating tube to aluminum. When the aluminum bar began to melt, should be promptly added to the aluminum bar until the aluminum surface to the appropriate height, in the molten aluminum stove without welding aluminum do not use aluminum melting furnace heating. Set the temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid oxidation of aluminum surface deceleration, the general set at about 300 ℃ for the appropriate or according to the use of demand settings. Ordinary melting aluminum furnace temperature range: 0-500 ℃. But the practice of the minimum temperature in: 300 ℃ -400 ℃ or so. Note:

   (1) melting aluminum stove connected to the ground, please be sure to take the user, and to ensure good grounding to peace.

   (2) melting aluminum shot furnace should be used before the reflection of the power supply voltage can match.

   (3) melting aluminum shot should be insistent, not in the wet or rain environment tasks.

   (4) molten aluminum stove should be placed bumps, around 0.5m can not be placed within the range of flammable items and other items.

   (5) melting aluminum shot furnace operation when the operator should use goggles and heat gloves, the use of attention to prevent foreign matter fell into the melting aluminum pot, to avoid the accident.

   (6) molten aluminum shot furnace is not allowed to move after power, can not arbitrarily tap, assembly and installation of its electric parts.

   (7) the use of molten aluminum furnace furnace shell with 50 ℃ -80 ℃ temperature, which is a normal scene, pay attention to low temperature, do not touch the shell.

   (8) the use of the end, should be closed power, in the unattended situation, do not put aluminum melting furnace heating.

   (9) melting aluminum shot furnace, such as the emergence of problems, should hire a professional maintenance skills to stop the reflection of the staff.

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