Application between steel shots,steel grits and steel cut wire shots

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Steel shot with moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, long service life, good elasticity, low consumption, not broken, speediness, good technical effect.

Use this product processing metal surface cleanliness of GB/T8923-1989;Surface roughness Rz = 10 to 150 microns, the specific surface area, thus increasing the metal surface to improve the surface adhesion, after coating is the most advanced at home and abroad, the most ideal shot blast cleaning and strengthen with metal abrasive cleaning.Due to tempering iron pills after annealing, the surface color uniform blue, often with tempering cast iron pills pretend to be shot, the service life of the iron pills only 50-400 times, iron shot blasting derusting severely reduces, seriously damage the interests of users.

Iron shot thrown or steel shot abrasive jet is a counter weight, rather than the particle counter, so the unit time cleaning equipment (spray) of abrasive, under the same weight, the number of small specifications of the abrasive, high coverage, the impact of the single small;Large size number less abrasive, coverage is low, the impact of the individual.

White cast iron pills after suitable annealing and isothermal quenching treatment, the eutectic carbides obtain mission ball in bainite nodular eutectic carbide scattered the modification of white cast iron pills.Its hardness is moderate, the life expectancy of white cast iron pills twice (sand), alternative white cast iron pills (sand) is used to clear of casting iron, can reduce the shot blasting machine is easy to wear parts wear and tear;Decarburization malleable iron pills for ferrite and flocculent mass graphite organization, low hardness, density is small, because there are mass of flocculent graphite, the formation of micro hole, easy to deformation after impact, its deformation to absorb the impact energy, reduce the impact energy, the cleaning effect is not ideal, and not wear-resisting, easily broken, low service life.

For deformation pearlitic steel cut wire shot organization, not broken, long service life, but being limited by the raw materials, production is low, use less;Cast steel shot, cast steel grit, by contrast, is tempered martensite or lock austenite, good abrasion resistance, density, hardness, variable rebound effect is best, cleaning and surface strengthening cleaning effect is good, the proportion of abrasive is higher and higher, can completely replace white cast iron pills, pills decarburization malleable iron and steel cut wire shot.When cleaning, rust removing and steel pretreatment, had better use higher angular shape of the abrasive hardness, can be used form or edges form a circle and make with the cylindrical mixed abrasive.Will form a new column and abrasive have sharp edges, after repeated use of wear and tear, will gradually become round.But high hardness cast steel shot (HRC53 ~ HRC57 or HRC 64.5 or higher) in use process constantly burst, can always stay sharp edges, can be used for adhesion strong black thin oxide layer for quick clean up.Shot peening or removal of casting stress and obtain relatively smooth surface.

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