Application field of shot blasting machine

- Nov 21, 2017 -

1. ChuanBoChang: shipyard use steel plates with rust, will affect the quality of shipbuilding, impossible to use manual embroidery, that workload will be very big, it has to give the machine can remove the rust, to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, using series by type can be solved, including steel shot is a very good tool;

2. The foundry industry: general casting foundry enterprises need fine polishing, and shot blasting cleaning machine is the use of specialized machinery.He according to different workpiece using different model, and will not damage the original shape and properties of casting parts;

3. The mould industry: generally speaking, a mold is casting cast (shot) is more more, and ask for a smooth mould itself, shot blasting cleaning machine can be according to the requirements of different polishing processing, will not damage the original shape and mold use performance;

4. The steel: steel production of steel, steel plate, hot there are many burrs, affect the quality of the steel and the presentation.Use through type shot blasting cleaning machine (steel shot) can deal with these problems, these problems are solved;

5. Manufacturing: according to the requirements of the car factory work, using steel plates, some casting are need polishing processing, but can not damage the shapes of the strength of the steel plate, the original, the shapes of casting parts to ensure the clean and beautiful.Because, auto parts is not very rules that would require different polishing machine to complete.Need to use shot blasting machine has: drum, turntable, crawler type, through type shot blasting cleaning machine, the different mechanical processing of the workpiece;

6. Hardware factory, electroplating factory, because the hardware factory and electroplating factory require surface clean, smooth, smooth, shot blasting cleaning machine can solve these problems.Hardware factory artifacts is small, suitable for use with drum shot blasting cleaning machine and crawler shot blasting cleaning machine, according to the circumstances.Electroplating factory if cleaning artifacts, smaller volume and large crawler shot blasting cleaning machine, can be used to complete the artifact in addition to embroider polishing;

7. Rubing matching factory: as the motorcycle accessories workpiece is small, suit to use drum shot blasting cleaning machine, if and when there is a big amount, adopts hook type or a caterpillar is fine;

8. Bearing factory: bearing is composed of mould pressing, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are some impurities or burr, it also need to clean up, then shot blasting cleaning machine will come in handy.

9. Valve factory: due to valve factory artifacts are cast steel shot casting, require polishing grinding, can achieve clean, smooth, level off, this will require a shot blasting cleaning machine to clean up the impurities.Turn machinery available: desktop, hook type shot blasting cleaning machine;

10. The steel structure construction enterprises: before using steel (steel shot) structure has to be derusting processing, to achieve the structure requirements prescribed by the state, through type shot blasting machine adopts fully automatic cleaning, without human derusting, and reduce the environmental pollution of the acid pickling.

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