Applications of iron shot

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Iron steel grit is new wear-resisting material, this product is a kind of natural iron ore, main ingredients are the three iron oxide, it not only wear-resisting, compressive strength, impact resistance, but also has well protected against dampness, naisuanjian corrosion, high temperature resistant performance, etc.On construction USES the product made of iron wear-resisting layer or iron steel grit steel shot concrete mortar wear-resisting layer, its compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and friction coefficient were better than iron mortar wear-resisting layer, iron corroded falls off phenomenon, often occurred in the iron and steel grit, otherwise, the iron steel shot the happiness greenstone, in comparison with cast stone not only low cost, convenient construction, the impact strength and brittleness values are about more than double diabase cast stone.So 30 years our country's coal, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial infrastructure projects of wear-resisting layer is widely used iron steel grit to do concrete or mortar wear-resisting layer.

In the coal mining, washing and coal infrastructure: all kinds of coal bunker, hopper, chute and other inner wear-resisting layer;Coal pillar and beam surface wear-resisting layer;
Steel, coking plant infrastructure: in the trough, the coal pit, coke trough, funnel, wear-resisting layer;
In the thermal power plant construction, coal bunker, hopper, the wear-resisting layer of ditch coal unloading coal conveying system;Dry ash library such as the lining of wear-resisting layer;
In water conservancy and hydropower construction, the tunnel, diversion tunnel, computation and lock impact resistant anticorrosive coating;
In the metallurgy, chemical industry infrastructure: all kinds of mineral dressing, chemical engineering in the funnel, silo and chute wear-resisting layer;
Cement industry infrastructure in: all kinds of funnel, bin, pit, bulk libraries such as wear-resisting layer;
: in civil building stairs foot and prevent slippery;The underground garage, parking lot wear-resisting ground;
Infrastructure: in other ports, high intensity of the ground and the runway, etc.;Large size iron steel grit can be used to improve the concrete density, etc.

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