Atomization legal process for stainless steel shots

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Atomization process of legal system for stainless steel shots, first put stainless steel metal furnace heating, let it melt into liquid metal in the furnace, and then the metal liquid atomization device, the atomization device of the key parts of stainless steel shot atomization nozzle, from the high speed out of the spray nozzle atomizing medium, the impact of molten metal, use metal liquid dispersed into countless small metal droplet, the metal droplet in the process of flight landing, quickly condense into metal particles, if the particle is spherical, that is the product that we need - stainless steel shots. 

You can pick and choose the atomizing medium is a lot of, all kinds of liquid and gas, considering the source of the atomizing medium, is easy to get and the purchase price, the quality of product, the influence of the selection with the most is with air or water, because the water heat capacity than air big many, so the same kind of metal, if using water as the atomizing medium, easy to produce irregular metal particles, and using air as atomizing medium, is easy to produce the round metal particles.

Stainless steel is a fairly stable at room temperature, not easy oxidation, since it is the name you can photograph it.But in the case of high temperature, especially in a temperature range of the liquid to solid, it is very easy to oxidation.If the smooth open atomization, that is to say in the metal liquid atomization medium after breaking, do not take any measures to keep its natural cooling in air, oxide on the surface of stainless steel particles occurs rapidly, the stainless steel shots results must be black, the black thing is oxidized form of stainless steel products, made of steel shot if so, is not to the user.Make such stainless steel balls, some people think that take a post-processing method can deprive the oxide layer peel, but test result is not ideal.The shot blasting machine, for example, through shot blasting treatment, make its surface the skin was polished away.Handle down as a result, the skin is very strong, want to abort it takes a long time, in other words, even if you can abort it, the price is also spent a lot of, also is equivalent to the user you used stainless steel shots.

Others want to adopt the chemical cleaning method to process the stainless steel shot, the layer of scale stripping, this involves the problem of environmental protection, so there will be a large number of wastewater treatment, the production cost will increase a lot, and so far have not found suitable chemical formula and technology of the strip.Through the above analysis, you must have reached if to do stainless steel shot, gas atomization method should be adopted as well, at the same time, should use some protection measures in the production, make the stainless steel in easy oxidation of liquid solid powerful protection from oxidation, or only a small amount of oxidation.By data obtained from abroad and all kinds of metal powder atomization for many years of experience, it is concluded that the gas atomization legal system for stainless steel shots is the right choice of large-scale production of stainless steel shot.Using gas atomization for stainless steel shots of legal system, the use of equipment, used equipment and the production of metal powder is similar.Molten metal furnace is indispensable.In order to ensure the stainless steel atomizing oxidation, using inert gas as atomizing medium, in the process of atomization, but also on the atomization environment protection, in the anaerobic environment or less oxygen.Such as a metal oxide, other process is similar with the production of cast steel shot.


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