Ball shape and the hardness of small steel shot will have larger to equipment wear and tear

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Steel shot is a made of special material by special heat treatment of spherical particles, first melting quality of steel pieces, then use high pressure water jet make molten steel to form particle shape, formation of new heating to purify the homogeneous pill weight, and then quenching process.After quenching pill to be reheated drying, and tempering for the furnace body to achieve suitable hardness, after tempering treatment of steel shot through mechanical screen is sorting into different grades of products subject to the SAE standards for shot peening equipment.
Steel shot with moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, long service life, as high as 2000-2900, good elasticity and speediness, low consumption, not broken, cleaning speed, technical effect is good.By the product processing of metal surface cleanliness of GB/T8923-1989;Surface roughness Rz = 10 to 150 microns, the specific surface area, thus increasing the metal surface to improve the surface adhesion after coating, it is very significant economic benefit, is the most advanced at home and abroad, the most ideal shot blast cleaning and strengthen with metal abrasive cleaning.Steel shot
Steel balls are widely used in iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, in this case often use centrifugal blast equipment.Ball shape and the hardness of small steel shot will have larger to equipment wear and tear.
Excellent heat treatment control technology gives the best elasticity and fatigue resistance of steel shot, with different particle size and hardness of steel shot is suitable for the different process, for example, are widely used in large and heavy components or materials of shot peening, etc.
Steel balls are widely used in the casting of the sand.When used with the proper equipment, steel shot for durable, is your the best abrasive surface cleaning.

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