Blasting abrasives for Ship building

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Steel shot china products for shot blasting for marine industrials

Guangzhou maritime conference in 2008, the international maritime organisation new standards set by the IMO ship ballast tank coating the ship dedicated seawater ballast tanks and bulk carrier double side protective coating performance standards (PSPC) has become a major focus of shipbuilding enterprise bosses.The standard to the shipyard in the process of building ship ballast tank coating treatment, surface cleanliness, coating process such as put forward the more strict requirements, on the face of the world, especially in China's shipbuilding industry brings a strong shock wave.This standard is applicable to construction contract after July 1 2008 500 gross tonnage of all the new production of ship, but the international association of classification society IACS CSR in the tanker and bulk carrier structure of common norms, requirements in the IMO through coating standard (on December 8, 2006) signed a construction contract after the captain of the 90 meters and above of bulk carrier, the tanker of 150 meters and above must conform to the coating the new standard of IMO.

Mr.Lee, President of China classification society, pointed out that the adoption of the new coating standards and the mandatory implementation date of the IMO have been finalized, which is a serious test for China's shipbuilding industry and also an opportunity to improve the level.To deal with, he thought, coating standard, at present should focus on capacity building, to paint products, inspection of coating system, the necessary hardware infrastructure (sandblasting room, surface cleaning, dusting/dehumidification equipment, etc.), technology and management improvement of work put forward clear requirements.And coating system design demands, a surface treatment (including surface treatment method and the roughness requirements, requirements for shop primer), quadratic surface treatment requirements (including steel plate pretreatment demands, surface cleaning, folded after surface treatment demands, roughness, dust, oil requirements), etc is the shipyard top priority task.The standard implementation of the hardware facilities inadequate, the process lag, the management of extensive shipyard, if not early to take measures, will face a life and death test.

Japan and South Korea shipbuilding industry has been reminded and suggested that major shipyards, accelerate the reform of the hardware, setting up a new or upgraded Marine steel pretreatment line, building sand blasting room and shot peening cleaning workshop, develop coating automation research.As the world's leading enterprise in the field of steel plate surface treatment, at Mr Wright (Group) Wheelabrator Group is almost simultaneously feel the standard come on stage for the impact of the shipbuilding industry and Japan and South Korea shipbuilders strain response speed.Pretreatment line, sandblasting, Mr Wright group rooms and mobile shot blast machine with automatic recovery system in specialized applications such as shipbuilding products provide a hull steel plate pretreatment, block assembly processing, coating performance improvement, the highest efficiency and best solution.Whether deck, hatchcover, hull, side of ship;Whether large area horizontal/vertical surface, or small area weld surface, can be used by the group's Marine shot blasting/sandblasting equipment for accurate and efficient processing.

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  • Alloy Steel Shot
  • Shot Peening Medias Steel Shot
  • 1.2mm Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Shot S170
  • Steel Grit GP10
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL10

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