Characters of stainless steel shot

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Made of stainless steel shot abrasive is a product of spherical graphitic steel with heat treatment at the end of the tempered martensite structure provides maximum recovery ability, so as to prolong the service life of the product.

Has the following three characteristics:

Hard - can quickly effectively clear products surface in addition to the objects;  

Elastic - have a longer service life of the multiple - shooting ricochet effect increases the efficiency of it.This increases the potential of shot blasting surface can't directly; 

Round - formed in the process of manufacturing, and keep the wheel in his entire life, provides a good balance combination operation minimum in the wear and tear of the machine.  

Choosing the correct stainless steel shot in the operation of cleaning and shot peening is one of the most basic, is the most important factor.Must choose the right size, shape and hardness of the requirements of the special.Need to clean, be determined by the speed required for the type of the degree of hardness to remove pollutants, surface finish and update need to participate in operating costs.Abrasive hardness hardness is very important, because, by definition, is the resistance to deformation.So it is difficult to precipitation, decrease deformation and it performs useful work, the work surface deformation.Energy is wasted in the aggregate, however, fracturing did so using the advantage of wear and tear, it is very difficult, but also very fragile.The combination of low hardness biggest failure rate is required, in order to obtain the best effect.

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