Chemical compositions of steel shot china products

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Ninety percent of the hardness of cast steel shots china products should be within the HRC40 to HRC50 hardness.Can use any kind of hardness can be adapted to small section test methods for determination of, for example, using vickers indenter Tukon hardness tester, but the determination of applying load should be able to reliably conversion is HltC value.

The microstructure of cast steel shot china products microstructure should be the homogenous tempering martensite.If any of the following defects are not desirable: carbide reticular tissue, abnormal products, surface decarburization, inclusion, porosity and tempering cracks.

The weight of the cast steel shot china products is not less than seven grams per cubic meter, or less than one percent of the hollow projectile.The density measurement can be used to use the replacement method or the actual count of hollow projectiles in a batch of prescribed cast steel shot chna products.The general cast steel shots china products should be as close to spherical as possible, containing as little as possible the elongated, two connected, with the tail. Hollow, broken, slag or dirt, etc.

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  • Steel Grit GP50
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