Choose suitable steel shots for shotblasting

- Nov 21, 2017 -

In the process of liquid metal forming steel grit, its chemical composition and particle size are tightly controlled, to ensure the mechanical properties conform to the various USES of steel shot.Steel after high temperature heat treatment, and then broken into steel grit, finally by automated screening system screen out all kinds of sand.

Pills for steel and iron, used in the blast in fact is not really a pill, some industry also have different, of course, such as shipping industry is the real steel shot for shot, sand blasting with metal ore (not the river sand, quartz sand).

Blasting equipment after installation and debugging, put into production at the same time, must be strictly according to the necessary maintenance program maintenance.All point injection equipment must be regularly according to the requirements of its site filling oil, lubricating oil or grease.To seal (parts) must check every day, such as damaged replaced immediately.The chamber body guard to check every day, so, should be replaced immediately.Of shot blasting machine guard plate, blade, impeller, directional cover, points maru "secondary inspections per shift, replaced immediately if there is any damage.As a middle link of the process of mould manufacturing steel shot and steel grit or ultimate process, heat treatment of cracking, deformation error and the performance is poor, in most case, it can make the mold scrapped, even through the repair still can continue to use, also can increase working hours, extend the delivery time, improve the mould manufacturing costs.Spray is compressed air as power to sand or pill material onto the surface of materials, to clear and certain roughness.

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