Choose the standard of steel shots

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Steel shot cleared surface roughness is higher, the greater the diameter but cleaning efficiency is high;And irregular shape of the steel grit and steel cut wire shot cleaning efficiency than the spherical pellet is higher, but the surface roughness is high also.

Choose the standard of steel shot, basically be to see you to clean up the workpiece, non-ferrous metal general selection pills for aluminum or stainless steel.Ordinary steel, welding, casting, steel and other steel shot.When choosing steel shot size, under the premise that meet the requirements of surface roughness, choose larger steel shot, as far as possible in order to improve the cleaning efficiency.

Different models of different hardness is steel shot through the operation of shot blasting machine, through the selection of control and pellet material particle size, shape, and adjust and set the machine's walking speed, control pill mass ejection flow, material with different mass ejection strength, effect of different surface treatment.

Steel shot with different specifications, different specifications, different hardness, at the time of specific choice, according to the processed workpiece material and hardness to reasonable choice, in this way, the steel pill can exert the best effect.

Steel shot as metal abrasive in the machinery, aerospace, casting, etc., the main mechanical mass and shot peening of the heavy component or material, iron and steel workpiece to scale and rust removal treatment before, etc.

The greater the hardness of steel shot, when cleaning the workpiece speed is fast, the corresponding consumption of steel shot will be very big, the service life of steel shot will be shortened.From economic considerations, the general workpiece choose moderate hardness steel shot to deal with artifacts

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