Classifications of stainless steel tubing

- May 05, 2018 -

It is a kind of economic cross section steel, stainless steel tube is an important product of iron and steel industry, which can be widely used in decorative and industrial life, many people used to make on the market Stair handrail, protective Windows, railings, furniture, etc.There are two kinds of materials: 201 and 304.

S.S.Tubing-1.jpgAccounting for about 8% of total steel, it is widely used in the national economy.Because the steel pipe has hollow section, it is suitable for liquid, gas and solid conveying pipe.At the same time, compared with the same weight of round steel, the section coefficient of the steel tube is large and the flexural resistance is large, so it is also an important material in various mechanical and architectural structures.With the structure and components of stainless steel control, the section modulus is larger than the solid part in the case of equal weight.So, stainless steel pipe itself is a kind of metal saving economic cross section steel, it is an important component of efficient steel, especially in the oil drilling, refining and transportation and other industries demand is bigger, the geological drilling, chemical industry, building industry, industrial machinery, aircraft and automobile manufacture and boiler and bicycle manufacturing, medical equipment, furniture, etc are also requires a lot of all kinds of steel pipe.With the development of new technologies such as atomic energy, rocket, missile and aerospace industry, stainless steel tubes are becoming more and more important in the defense industry, science and technology and economic construction.

Stainless steel tube safety, health, environmental protection, economy applicable, thin wall of the pipe and new methods for reliable, simple and convenient connection of successful development, make its have more other pipe irreplaceable advantages, the application of engineering will be more and more, use will be more and more popular, good prospect.

Since stainless steel has many desirable properties required by building materials, it can be said to be unique in metal, and its development continues.In order to improve the performance of stainless steel in traditional applications, it has been improving existing types, and new stainless steel is being developed in order to meet the stringent requirements of advanced building applications.Due to the continuous improvement of production efficiency and continuous improvement of quality, stainless steel has become one of the most cost-effective materials for architects to choose.stainless steel tubing

Stainless steel is one of the best building materials in the world because of its properties, appearance and use.

With the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy, the national economy to obtain rapid growth, urban housing, public buildings and tourist facilities built in great quantities, to the hot water supply and water supply is put forward new requirements.Especially the water quality problem, people pay more and more attention, the requirement also keeps improving.Galvanized steel pipe a commonly used pipe corrosion because of its easy, under the influence of national policy, will gradually become relics, plastic pipe, compound pipe and copper pipe became common tubes of pipe system.But in many cases, the stainless steel tube has more advantages, especially the wall thickness of only 0.6 ~ 1.2 mm of thin-walled stainless steel tube in high quality drinking water system, hot water system and water supply system will give top priority to safety, health, have a safe and reliable, health, environmental protection, economy applicable, etc.Engineering at home and abroad has been proved to be the best comprehensive properties of feed water system, one of the new, energy saving and environmental protection of pipes, is also a kind of very competitive water supply pipe material, to improve water quality, improve the level of people's life play a role of incomparable.

stainless steel tubeIn construction to the piping, the galvanization steel tube is over one hundred years of glorious history, a variety of new plastic pipe and pipe to get rapid development, but a variety of pipe still exist some shortcomings in different degrees, is far from being fully meet the needs of the water supply system, the state of drinking water and related water quality requirements.Therefore, experts predict that the construction of water supply pipes will eventually return to the era of metal pipes.According to the application experience abroad, the thin-walled stainless steel tube is considered as one of the best pipes in the metal tube.

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