Common types of pills and brief introduction

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Steel sheet

Iron and steel pill hardness is generally HRC40 ~ 50, processing hard metal, can increase the hardness to HRC57 ~ 62. Their toughness is better, the service life is cast iron pills several times, widely used.

Cast iron pills

Cast iron pillow hardness HRC58 ~ 65, very brittle, very easy to break, short life, the application is not extensive. It is mainly used for places requiring high shot peening strength.

3. Glass pill

The hardness of glass pills is lower than that of the first two pills, mainly for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and other non-permissible iron pollution. It can also be used for the second treatment after steel shot peening to remove iron contamination and reduce the roughness of the part surface.

  • Sand Blasting Abrasive Materials GP16 Cast Steel Grit for Surface Treatment of Steel Sheet
  • Ship Cleaning Grit Angular Steel Grit for Ship Hull Surface Treatment
  • Shot Blasting Abrasive Aluminum Cut Wire Shot for Precision Parts
  • Rounded Aluminum Shots Abrasive Used for Shot Blasting Machine
  • Abrasive Powder Brown Fused Alumina Brown Aluminum Oxide for Sand Blasting Machine
  • Foundry Perlite Sand for Cast Iron Steel Industry

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