Corundum wear-resisting color floor of the main construction procedure

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Corundum wear-resisting color floor also called wear-resisting flooring, floor paint, etc., is a kind of industrial workshop now often use industrial floor.Corundum wear-resisting floor color used for the ready-mixed concrete color mineral dry type curing agent construction, curing agent by the selection of mineral aggregate, cement and special additives and color composition, the hardener seeding and polished construction into fresh wet concrete floors, it forms color wear-resisting surface smooth.Corundum wear-resisting color floor construction mainly includes the following steps:

1, smooth lofting
2, concrete pouring, leveling
3, wear-resisting material mixing
4, wipe smooth paste
5, for the first time and wear-resistant materials and screeding fuman, light
6, plastered on the surface of the light machine overall finishing second and wear-resistant materials and screeding fuman, light
7, surface modification and maintenance

In terms of construction organization, with 500 m2 / d shall prevail, in addition to the regular watering down the ground concrete with the personnel, will need to be equipped with the following construction personnel: concrete leveling 3 people, 2 people, corundum wear-resisting material transport wear-resisting material and 3 people, machine construction 3 fuman, trowel pondereth 3 people.In accordance with the above standard, continuous, uninterrupted construction 6 ~ 7 finishing machine and with corresponding personnel, can complete 2000 m2 / d.Complete corundum wear-resisting color floor with high wear resistance and high impact, long service life, dustproof, sealed the advantages of the fiber in concrete, USES are in warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centers, public places and the museum of the ground.

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