Crush performance of metal abrasive

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Abrasive crushing properties will directly affect the abrasive costs, maintenance costs and clean-up effect.

     Due to the differences in chemical composition, manufacturing process and metallographic structure, each abrasive inherently has different fatigue characteristics, which determines its different breaking characteristics in the shot blasting equipment.

     Abrasive broken refers to the blasting equipment, the abrasive particles thrown at an extremely high speed, the impact on the workpiece surface to complete the cleaning, strengthening the task, the abrasive itself by the impact of consumption, while causing wear and tear on the device. By continuous circulation and repeated impact, from large particles into small particles, from small particles to smaller particles, and finally because the particles are too small (less than 0.2mm) and can not be used by the shot peening equipment, .

     The rate of abrasive breakage also determines the amount of new sharp-pointed particles that form during operation. Sharp corners cause resistance, resulting in poor flow of abrasive circulation, easy to scratch, damage to equipment parts.

     Therefore, the abrasive crushing performance is an important measure of quality abrasive.

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  • Steel Grit G25 for Surface Preparation
  • Copper shot for Casting
  • Steel Grit Gl50 for blasting
  • Blasting Abrasives Cast Stainless Steel Shot Atomization Shot SUS304 0.1mm for Surface Processing
  • Supply SAE Standard Steel Shot

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