Detailed description of steel shots

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Shot blasting, shot peening as an effective surface rust removal process, the rapid development of machinery today, is widely used. Aviation, ships and now pay attention to the surface treatment of the military industry, the choice of shot blasting material is also a strict requirement.

Steel shots, as the market mainstream products, are widely used in casting, mechanical parts surface cleaning. Reinforced steel balls, more for the drum, shot blasting equipment, blasting equipment, steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line in the metal abrasive.

Reinforced steel shots can maintain a higher fatigue life under high hardness and reduce the projectile cost; particle roundness, uniform size, the use of the process is not broken, to obtain higher quality; used in the hardness of HRC40-50 Shot peening mechanical parts, cost-effective.

On the basis of traditional reinforced steel wire cut pill production process, a great deal of improvement has been made in material and technology. The use of high-quality alloy steel wire as a substrate, the mechanical properties of higher and more stable; drawing process improvement, making its internal organization more dense; improve the traditional entirely rely on the passivation of polishing process to reduce the process of polishing the pellet itself is damaged, Improve service life.

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