Different blasting method

- Oct 11, 2017 -

After sandblasting processing, surface contamination was removed, the surface has been damaged by the trace, the surface area is increased, thereby increasing the workpiece and the combination of films with the strength.

After sandblasting processing surface of workpiece is metal color, but due to the surface for the coarse surface, the light is reflected off, so no metal luster, as the dark surface.

After shot peening treatment, surface contamination was removed, trace and workpiece surface is not damaged, the surface area increased.Due to the machining process, the workpiece surface is not damaged, processing produce excess energy will lead the workpiece substrate surface strengthening.

After sandblasting sand blasting process for metal workpiece surface ecru, but due to the surface of spherical surface, the light part is reflected off, so the workpiece machining for inferior smooth effect.

  • Stainless Steel Shot Blasting
  • Steel Shots S110
  • Steel Grit GP120
  • Steel Grit GH18
  • Steel Grit GP40
  • Steel Grit GP14

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