Different metal abrasivew with different applications

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Angular steel grits hypereutectoid steel angular, with special heat treatment between grinding and become, has the high hardness, in the process of sand blasting operation is always keep the edges and corners, to form the rule, the surface of the hair more effective. 

Cast steel shot hypereutectoid steel manufacturing spherical particles, applies to all areas of shot blast, at the same time also can be applied to strengthen treatment. 

Tool grit Especially in the aluminum alloy, tools, drilling, gear precision forging, stainless steel and other products.Use this product to clean up artifacts can keep bright for a long time, is the price is far cheaper than stainless steel, is the best product to replace stainless steel shots. 

Steel shot is suitable for use in steel, castings, forgings, such as surface treatment, sand mixing machine, etc. 

Stainless steel shots are widely used in copper, lead, zinc, stainless steel and other artifacts of spray processing, for processing after the workers stadium has inferior smooth effect, highlight the metal color, no rust, etc.

  • StrenGHthen Shot Blasting Abrasivs S330
  • Cast Steel Shots S660
  • Stainless Balsting Media Abrasive Stainless Steel Shot Cut Shot SUS304 0.4mm
  • Bearing Steel Grit
  • Steel Grit GP120
  • Steel Grit GP10

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