Different steel grits with different applications

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Different steel grit hardness is not the same, such as steel shot from high carbon cast steel shot by broken into sand granular, then tempered into three kinds of hardness (GH, GL, GP) to meet different needs.After processing of steel grit is sieve separation into the SAE standard 10 levels to meet the need of sand.Different sizes and hardness of the products are used in different situations, such as cylinder blocks, granite cutting, etc. 

Steel shot widely used steel workpiece coating pretreatment.Widely used in this process, the way is sand blasting room with recycling equipment.Angular and hardness of the sand to make it clean up rapidly in speed and can be effectively recycled.Steel shot is also widely used in casting deoxidization process, the workpiece in high temperature sometimes set on the casting sand casting, than steel shot cleaning ability, then can only use steel grit.When using steel shot blasting equipment cannot effectively clean steel workpiece, can use steel grit.Steel shot this grit new, angular shape, in use process was soon rounded edges and corners, especially and shakeout and remove scale Gl steel grit: although harder than GP steel grit such, but is still in the process of sandblasting also loses its sharp edges, is particularly suited to descaling and suface preparation job GH such steel grit steel shot hardness is very high, another sand blasting operations will always stay in the edges and corners, the formation rules, especially effective in the surface of the fluff.GH steel shot for shot peening and operations, construction requirements should be considered prior to the occasion of price factors, such as the roll abrasion processing).Pills for this kind of steel is mainly used for compressed air spraying device commonly known as steel shot, steel sand arc, the cast steel grit steel shot edges and corners, is cast iron ore and iron ore upgrade replacement products, which are used for shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot blasting cleaning machine, shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, shot peening equipment, sandblasting machine, sandblasting equipment, steel pretreatment line, steel pretreatment line, steel pretreatment line of metal abrasive. 

This product USES the selection of raw materials, add the optimal proportion of the alloy, by the electric furnace smelting, again into steel grit.In the process of liquid metal forming steel grit, its chemical composition and particle size are tightly controlled, to ensure their mechanical properties conform to a variety of purposes.Steel after high temperature heat treatment, and then broken into steel grit, finally by automated screening system screen out all kinds of sand GL harder than GP steel grit, but they are in sand blasting operations, will be rounded edges and corners, is particularly suited to descaling pretreatment suface.GH steel grit hardness is very high, the sand blasting operation will keep edges, the formation rules, the surface of the hair especially effective.This kind of steel grit is mainly used for compressed air blasting equipment

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