Differents between shotblasting and sandblasting

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Shot peening using high-pressure wind or sand blasting process of compressed air power, and blasting for high-speed rotating flywheel commonly steel grit high-speed projectile.Blasting efficiency is high, but there will be a corner, and shot peening is more flexible, but power consumption is big.

Two process is injection power and the way is different, but are high speed impact artifacts for the purpose, the effect is basically the same, by contrast, shot peening is fine, easy to control precision, but less efficient than high blasting, optimum shape complex small artifacts, blasting is more economical and practical, easy to control and cost efficiency, can control the granularity of pills to control the injection effect, but there will be a corner that is suitable for the surface of workpiece in a single batch processing.

The selection of two kinds of process mainly depends on the shape of the workpiece and machining efficiency.

  • Steel Grit Blast Medias
  • Matallic Abrasives for Blasting
  • Metal Grain for Blasting
  • SUS430 Stainless Steel Shot 0.4mm
  • Steel Shot S330
  • Steel Shot S660 as Abrasives

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