Differents between shotblasting and sandblasting

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Blasting mainly using high-speed rotating impeller cast steel shot or steel grit out high speed impact surface of parts, so you can remove the oxide layer on the surface of the parts.When hit parts surface pills for steel or iron, high speed, will cause the distortion of the crystal lattice deformation, on the surface of the parts so that we can improve the surface hardness of the metal, this is a method of cleaning the surface of parts.Casting surface blasting is often used to handle clean up or work to strengthen the part surface.

Both in blasting and blasting, is to use the form of compressed air, not shot it must use the high-speed rotating impeller.In ship repairing industry and shipbuilding, steel shot blasting is mainly used in steel plate pretreatment before cleaning work;Sandblasting multi-purpose in forming the ships, etc., its role is to put the plate on the old paint and wipe away with rust, and paint again.In ship repairing industry and shipbuilding, shot blasting and blasting is the main function of the increase in steel plate coating paint adhesion.

Steel shot peening and sanding principle basic same, can use the appropriate pressure of compressed air, make steel sand or high speed steel shot dozens of meters per second, impact scale and rust layer on the surface of the steel, so that the scale and rust layer on the surface of the steel plate were rapidly cleared.

When the working pressure of compressed air is 0.4 ~ 0.5 Mpa, the steel sand jet speed or steel shot at up to 50 ~ 70 m/s.When continuous steel sand or steel shot at such a high speed jet in the steel surface, the force and friction force is very big, rely on impact, such as grinding effect derusting.Make steel sand or steel bolus injection effect, are realized through the injector.Injector with inhaled and extruding type two kinds.

Shot blast cleaning process, low labor intensity, high mechanical degree and good cleaning quality, can achieve the effect of the roughness is suitable for coating, thus is widely used in many fields.But has pollution to the environment, particularly dry steel shot to pollution of the environment, operation is needed to cover other adjacent objects.Shot peening is one of the steel surface pretreatment of the commonly used and most industrialized derusting method.Shot peening cleaning methods mainly include dry spray pill, wet sand blasting, vacuum shot peening, etc.

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