Differents between steel shots and iron shots

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Used in industrial steel shot to choose good, the choice standard is: to moderate hardness, size wants even, such specifications can prolong service life.When used with the proper equipment, steel shot for durable, is your the best abrasive surface cleaning.So steel shot using range is very wide, aviation industry;The automotive industry;Oil and gas pipelines, are used in different degree on the surface of the steel shot for processing and grinding.

Different particle size and hardness of steel shot for different process, such as surface strengthening, etc.Before plating workpiece, workpiece adhesive can handle sand blasting scale on the surface of the workpiece and all dirt removed, and the surface it is very important to set up the basis of the schema (usually the so-called hair side), but also by changing different particle size of abrasive, to varying degrees of roughness, greatly improve the workpiece and the adhesion strength of the coating, plating materials.Steel shot is used in steel plate pretreatment, generally used for cleaning before coating.

Steel balls are widely used in foundry industry, after the workpiece from the mold, steel balls to remove sand on the surface of the workpiece material.When steel shot with suitable equipment use, because it is durable, must be you are the best abrasive surface cleaning.
Steel shot for the manufacturing process, first melting quality of steel pieces, then use high pressure water jet make molten steel to form particle shape, form new heating to purify the pill weight evenly, and then quenching process.Due to tempering iron pills after annealing, the surface color uniform blue, often with tempering iron pills as cast steel shot, steel grit only 50-400 times the service life of the iron pills, iron shot blasting derusting severely reduces, seriously damage the interests of users.

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  • Steel Grit Gl50 for blasting
  • Angular Steel Grit
  • Steel Grit GH10
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP25
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL120

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