Discussion on Wear Mechanism of Steel

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Fatigue wear mechanism plays a leading role in general metal abrasives. The term fatigue refers to a special form of failure caused by repeated stress, which does not exceed the elastic limit of the material. Fatigue wear of steel balls is caused by the periodic microstructure of the surface caused by periodic load. Which is characterized by the material in the strengthening process of development at the same time, the speed of the process depends mainly on the surrounding media and its role in strengthening.

The standard fatigue process often develops an incubation period during which no damage is present on the surface and hardening occurs outside the steel balls without microscopic damage. When further development, the surface of the alloy appears hardening of the sliding plastic deformation layer and cracks.

It can be seen from the simple calculation that if the surface of the steel ball falls off after a single interaction, the corresponding wear rate is very large. In the external friction, the wear rate to a few orders of magnitude. Logically inferred, in order to make the steel ball surface off, it is necessary to interact many times, this is the principle of multiple wear effects.

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