Do different metals have the same fatigue life?

- Apr 20, 2018 -

In fact, the relationship between material itself (Microstructure) and Fatigue life (Fatigue Property) has been a hot topic in academic circles.

The fatigue life of different metals must be different, as the previous answer said.And even if two metals have similar mechanical properties (such as alloy steel and seven aluminium alloys), their fatigue life is different.This is related to the microstructure of metals and the mechanism of metal fatigue.Like cast steel shot and grit with alloy steel shot and grit, different raw metals,different fatigue lifes.

The mechanism of metal fatigue and metal plastic deformation is dislocation slip.No matter how small the cyclic stress is, the dislocation slip is inevitable in high cycle.More importantly, sometimes the dislocation slip is irreversible, that is, the cyclic stress does not make the dislocation slip from point A to point B and then slide back.This irreversible slip will cause the surface of the sample to become uneven (uneven) and cause a crack formation.If all dislocation slips are reversible, then metal fatigue will not theoretically occur.

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