Enviroment pretection of steel shot

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Along with our country resources and increasing environmental pressure, government departments have timely put forward the "sustainable development, creating a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society" requirements;Steel shot | steel grit industry put forward "to ensure confirmed in the 11th five-year plan of energy consumption reduced by 20%, the total discharge of major pollutants reduced by 10%" target;And decided in 2007 in the new "energy conservation and emission reduction" of the storm, also puts forward "energy conservation and emissions reduction" is the transformation economic growth way, improve the economic benefit of breakthrough.

Steel shot | steel shot casting industry is labor-intensive industry, energy and resources consumption steel shot | casting steel grit production takes up a lot of energy and a variety of raw and auxiliary materials, at the same time in the steel shot | steel shot also produces a large amount of waste in the process of casting production.And waste recycling today known as the "industrial revolution" secondary materials, foundry "three wastes" (waste sand, slag, dust, waste gas), the recycling and reusing of has become a national steel shot | steel shot casting workers and environmental experts focus.

Casting production in China were six consecutive years in the world, China's steel shot | steel shot casting has more than 20000 enterprises, generally on a smaller scale, but also relatively backward technology, equipment and management, therefore our country steel shot | steel shot casting enterprise's total waste emissions is one of the largest and the environmental pollution and pollution is also the world's largest.

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