Focus on the chemical composition of the product

- Nov 07, 2017 -

Focus on the chemical composition of the product, carbon content should be moderate.Silicon, manganese can progress the strength and hardness of steel pill, as far as possible.Sulfur, phosphorus is a harmful element, easy to make the steel shot produces brittleness, cause an early break, should be low.
Must to identify in terms of composition and size specifications, product specifications size differences, can better work.Steel shot too soft can make liquidation at a slower pace, reduce work efficiency.Shot peening, too soft steel shot does not produce a suitable residual stress, the force of low hardness pill could not pass increase impact time to compensate.Hard through high, can produce not ideal appearance morphology, increase the projectile breakage risk, make the consumption is too high, and bigger to the wear and tear of the equipment, increase the equipment maintenance cost, so the appropriate hardness is also key.Steel shot
Steel shot descaling method than manual method and pneumatic method of high efficiency, scale removal are of good quality and low labor intensity, and steel shot hit the surface of the metal surface can be improved.After shot peening (sand) rhyme of metal surface roughness increases, such as to besmear to brush paint, to improve adhesion of paint film.Suitable for large scale and rust removal.Shot peening (sand), the abrasive of yellow sand, do not contain SiO2 of silicon carbide (SiC), iron pills, steel shot, steel wire, plastic pellet, etc.Yellow sand don't impact resistance, produced more dust, damage to workers health, less used.Using iron pills.
The diameter of the steel grit size mainly depends on the thickness of the material is ejected.With the increase of the shot peening time, the residual compressive stress increases gradually;With the increase of the steel shot speed, the residual compressive stress also increased gradually;The projectile diameter, shot peening with high efficiency, but the surface of the workpiece is bright and clean.

  • Shot Peening Abrasive Medias S390
  • Steel Shots S280
  • Cast Steel Grit GL50
  • Steel Grit GH12
  • Bearing Steel Grit GL10
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP18

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