Forging materials of steel shot and applications

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Ordinary steel forging is generally cupola melting liquid steel to cast, cupola melt with coke raw material, there is high carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, oxygen and hydrogen in liquid steel, such as high content of harmful elements, low melting temperature and defects, and led to the decrease of the quality of the liquid steel, smelting temperature reach, join steel shot melt uneven, thus casting steel forging organization structure is not dense cause broken rate is high, the wearability is poor, round serious loss.Directly affect the output of mill.

Energy saving steel forging is to use medium frequency induction furnace smelting, electricity transformation by the magnetic field makes steel shot resonate, mutual friction heat production, so as to achieve the aim of melting;So, without the interference by outside factors, there is no carburization behavior.

Steel shot is made from high quality steel scrap, first of all, the melt, and then with high-pressure water injection to make molten steel ball, the pill of reheating to purify the uniformity, and then quenching treatment.After quenching of pill in the drying furnace and reheating tempering in order to achieve the proper hardness, after tempering treatment of steel shot through mechanical screen is sorting into the SAE standard 11 grade for shot blasting equipment.Different particle size and hardness of the products are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening, etc.

To adapt to the range of industries: aerospace industry, automobile industry, sand blasting/painting business, / / repair, casting, granite stone cutting and shipbuilding and ship repairing, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal processing and so on.

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