Garnet sand for blasting

- May 09, 2018 -

The cryGarnet sand-2.jpgstallization habit of garnet is a hexoctahedral crystal class, which is usually shaped like a diamond dodecahedron d {110}, a tetrahedral octahedron n {211} and a combination of the two.The fracture is a shell, a lipid sheen, usually opaque.

Garnet (6.5 ~ 8.0) moderate hardness, high melting point (1170 ~ 1280 ℃), good chemical stability, density of 3.5 ~ 4.3 g/cm, the refractive index of 1.714 ~ 1.887, have different color, purple, red, dark red, brown, red, red, brown, yellow, green, green, black, etc.

Garnet has six kinds of iron and aluminum, magnesium aluminum, manganese aluminum, calcium aluminium, calcium iron, calcium chromium and so on, among which the iron aluminium garnet has the highest hardness, the chemical stability is good, is high-grade natural abrasive.

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1. The application of garnet sandblast abrasives on surface pretreatment before spraying/electroplating.

Before the garnet abrasive is widely used, the commonly used sandblasting abrasive is: quartz sand, cross stone, copper slag, nickel slag, glass bead, brown corundum, etc.Quartz sand, cross stone, copper slag, nickel slag, glass beads have a low level of blast cleaning, environmental and human health problems.Garnet sandblasting abrasive can easily meet the requirements of the most restrictive industry and military sandblasting, and harmless to the environment, and sandblasting work environment is good, price moderate, thus to relaxed and other traditional sandblasting abrasive.

Frandcom's garnet in domestic mining the mineral processing, advanced processing technology, production of high purity of garnet, grain can do good, almost do not contain other material, the production of garnet abrasive are of good quality, high hardness, good toughness and meet the requirements of the most strict ISO can reach the highest level of sand blasting, can make the coating/plating significantly longer service life.The product quality has been recognized by customers both at home and abroad.

2. Application of garnet water knife sand abrasive in high pressure water jet cutting.cutting garnet sand.jpg

High pressure water jet cutting machine is a kind of multi-purpose, perfect cutting equipment performance, it is the common water and garnet after multistage pressurized by a very fine ruby nozzle at nearly kilometers per second (three times the speed of sound), use of garnet abrasive hardness and cutting Angle, its biggest characteristics is a heat source of high energy beam of processing, no heat in the cutting process, it can cut all metal and non-metallic materials, especially all kinds of hot cutting method is difficult to do or not processing of materials.With high pressure water jet cutting machine: the quick incision, smooth incision, no dust, no thermal distortion, no pollution, reduce material waste, etc, have been widely applied to aviation, war industry, stone material, construction, decoration and other finishing enterprises.

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