General workpiece choose moderate hardness steel shot to deal with artifacts

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Steel shots are widely used in foundry industry, after the workpiece from the mold, steel shots to remove sand on the surface of the workpiece material.When steel shot with suitable equipment use, because it is durable, must be you are the best abrasive surface cleaning.Steel shot for the manufacturing process, first melting quality of steel pieces, then use high pressure water jet make molten steel to form particle shape, form new heating to purify the pill weight evenly, and then quenching process.Due to tempering iron pills after annealing, the surface color uniform blue, often with tempering cast iron pills pretend to be shot, the service life of the iron pills only 50-400 times, iron shot blasting derusting severely reduces, seriously damage the interests of users.

The different specifications of steel pill, hardness and using performance is different also, we choose the hardness of steel shot to work, to the workpiece surface cleaning effect.

The greater the hardness of steel shot, when cleaning the workpiece speed is fast, the corresponding consumption of steel shot will be very big, the service life of steel shot will be shortened.From economic considerations, the general workpiece choose moderate hardness steel shot to deal with artifacts.

Shot peening treatment steel shot will cause plastic deformation on the surface of the parts by spray, make the change the surface roughness of the parts.Surface roughness is a kind of micro geometry error, also known as the microscopic roughness.The surface roughness and surface waviness, shape error, are part of the geometry error of parts, the surface roughness has an important influence to the performance of the machine parts.

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