Hardness of steel shot china products

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Steel shot china products is usually for blasting purpose,like shot blasting,sand blasting,shot peening etc,for surface treatment before painting and galvanization.

As per SAE standard,its hardness is usually among 40-50HRC,for steel shot china products is usually with hardness of 45HRC,we call it golden hardess relative to fatigue life.But currently more and more endusers need higher hardness,like 48HRC.The reason is to ensure endsers have faster blasting treatment.Frankly if hardness is with 48HRC,surely they may use steel shot to blasting work parts efficiently,but in this hardness,steel shots is quite easy to be broken during blasting job.In other words,higher hardness is faster breaking.So it is the problem how to choose suitable hardness for your blasting working.

  • Sandblasting Medias G50
  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Shot S170
  • Bearing Steel Grit GH40
  • Steel Grit GH10
  • Bearing Steel Grit GP18

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