How and what to do before painting

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Structured to deal with a year earlier, to help eradicate weld the corners and all kinds of defects and reduce the internal stress of coating, effectively prolong the service life of coating system.Experience has shown that the varieties of steel shot abrasive had a great influence on the quality of the steel plate surface treatment, especially the salt content of the steel shot abrasive often determines the spray cleaning after salt residue on the surface of the steel plate.Using pure drinking water heating will steel shot abrasive jet cleaning in front of the steel plate surface wash very clean, as long as steel shot abrasive high salt content, the final steel shot abrasive jet after cleaning the surface of the residual salt or reach regulation.

If under the coating with residual salt, coating forming electrolyte after absorbing water infiltration, can produce corrosion protective coating shortened lifespan, in some cases there will be a dangerous bubble.Therefore, in order to make the steel plate surface must be kept clean, if necessary can be in steel shot abrasive jet treatment prior to surface cleaning, also should try to use clean abrasive and injection equipment.In this way, the abrasive jet after the processing of steel surface can be clean.To reduce the number of abrasive to clean steel surface pollution again, the variety of steel shot abrasive appropriate chooses can be recycled and recycling.Garnet (use Garnet), is a kind of ideal abrasive, can reduce work load for a large number of steel shot abrasive, without affecting the jet cleaning effect, more for abrasive is "lazy", not the other adverse effects due to residual abrasive removal is endless.

But is now in general use domestic shipyards steel Shot (Shot) and Cut Wire (Wire Cut), plus 50% best Angle steel Grit (an);In order to meet the appropriate surface roughness requirements.Although they can be recycling use, but are inert, and may be embedded into the base material to form surface of "activity", so should not be used for the stainless steel and other metal surface.

  • Steel Cut Wire Shot for Shot Blasting
  • Iron Slag Remove / Foundry Perlite
  • Steel Cut Wire 1.2mm
  • Made from Steel Wire Ropes, Good Blasting Medias Carbon Steel Cut Shot for Polishing, Surface Treatment, Cleaning Before Painting, Galvanizing
  • Blasting Abrasives Cast Stainless Steel Shot Atomization Shot SUS304 0.1mm for Surface Processing
  • Cast Steel Grit

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