How to choose good quality steel materials for steel shot

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Frandcom industrial is professional supplier of steel shot in China, supply all types of steel shots and steel grits. Following tell you how to choose good quality materials for steel shot manufacturing.

1, carbon (C) : the carbon content in steel increases, the yield point and tensile strength increases, but the plasticity and impact is reduced, when carbon exceeds 0.23%, steel welding performance is bad, so used for welding of low alloy structural steel, carbon content is generally not more than 0.20%.High carbon content will also reduce steel atmospheric corrosion resistant ability, in the open yard of high carbon steel is easy to rust;In addition, the carbon steel can increase the cold brittleness sensitivity and effectiveness.

2, manganese (Mn) : in the process of steelmaking, manganese is good deoxidizer and desulphurizer, manganese content in steel 0.30 0.50%.Even when adding more than 0.70% of the carbon steel manganese steel, general steel quantity of steel not only have enough toughness, and have higher strength and hardness, and improve the hardenability of steel, improving steel hot working performance, such as 16 mn steel A3 40% higher than the yield point.11-14% of manganese content in the steel has high wear resistance, used to shovel bucket, ball mill liner, etc.Manganese content increased, and reduce the corrosion resistance of steel, reduce the welding performance.

3, silicon (Si) : add silicon in steelmaking process as a reducing agent and deoxidizer, so killed steel (?)The silicon containing 0.15 0.30%.If more than 0.50 0.60% silicon content in steel, silicon alloy elements.Silicon steel can obviously improve the elastic limit, yield point and tensile strength, so it is widely used in spring steel.Add 1.0 to 1.2% in quenched and tempered steel and silicon, strength can improve 15-20%.Silicon and molybdenum, tungsten, chromium, etc, have the effect that improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, can make heat resistant steel.1-4% of the low carbon steel containing silicon, high permeability, silicon steel sheet used for electrical equipment industry.Silicon content increases, reduces steel welding performance.

4, sulfur (S) : sulfur under normal circumstances is harmful elements.To produce steel hot brittleness, reduce the ductility and toughness of steel, cracking during forging and rolling.Sulfur is unfavorable on welding performance, reduce corrosion resistance.So often require sulfur content less than 0.055%, the optimal choice.

5, phosphorus (P) : in general, phosphorus is harmful elements in steel and increasing steel cold brittleness, make bad welding performance and reduce the plastic, the cold bending performance go bad.Therefore typically require less than 0.045%, the phosphorus content in steel quality steel demand to be more low.

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