How to choose good quality steel shot

- Dec 26, 2017 -

The steel shot on the market have good quality and the quality is bad, so everyone is selected according to what?Actually according to the appearance of the steel shot, hardness can be identified, such as the quality of steel shot, specific look at the below.

Identify the primary key is high quality, the performance of the steel shot quality identification mainly appearance test and hardness measurement and fatigue life test:

A, steel shot appearance to identify:

Standard steel shot into a dark gray color with a certain brightness, feeling giving a person is grey and not dim, this kind of steel shot to let a person feel more "adult".If this is not the feeling, the quality of the steel shot is less.

Second, the steel shot hardness to identify:

The hardness of steel shot property determines the service life of steel shot, steel grit is proportional to the hardness and clean up the speed, the higher hardness, cleaning speed is fast, the consumption of steel shot will play, life is short, the manufacturing process of steel shot determines the size of the steel pill, the bigger the diameter of cleaned up the surface roughness is higher, but the efficiency is high, relative to the wear of steel pill is bigger also.

Three, the fatigue life of steel shot:

Fatigue life of steel shot (grit) resistance to crushing effect to the work surface.Has the longest fatigue life of abrasive abrasive will be the most economical, if it can convert the energy of appropriate to clean up.No matter which application field, the quality of the steel shot, steel grit is the key to effective operation, it decides the in use process can effectively convert energy, have the effect of cleaning and strengthen, also depends on your processing cost.

Four, the identification of hollow steel shot:

According to the density of calculating the density of the solid steel shot first, and then measure the quality of steel shot and volume density comparison, if less than real steel shot is empty.

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