How to do before surfact treatment with steel shot

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Steel shot and steel grit are both good materials for surfact treatment,but how to do before surface treatment and what treat result you wanna get?

One of the disposal is an important process of antirust coating appearance.Engineering machinery antirust coating quality depends, in great level appearance disposal way is good or bad.Coating life controlled by 3 factors: appearance treatment accounted for 25% 60% of coating construction coating quality accounted for 15%, according to Britain's imperial chemical company is introduced.Disposal of parts appearance in a different way.Construction machinery industry is different. 

Increase the adhesion strength of the antirust coating to metal substrate, mechanical cleaning can effectively remove the rust on the artifacts, welding slag, oxide skin, eliminate the welding stress.Thus greatly improve the quality of engineering machinery parts of rust.Mechanical cleaning specification requirements to ISO85011:1988 sa2. Level 5.One third of the surface roughness to achieve antirust coating thickness spray, used steel shot blasting to reach GB6484 requirements.

The appearance of sheet stamping disposal according to general appearance with chemical treatment.Process flow is: the artificial pretreatment to hot water wash to pre skim, skim, industrial washing a - industrial washing adjustment - > appearance > phosphate > industrial washing and three industrial washing four - pure water wash - pure water to wash the two - water - dry

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