How to treat surface of stainless steel shots and method

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Metal products such as: stainless steel shot blasting equipment is not like any plastic or glass, cleaning up so easy, every time all dues fighting force, so to master certain cleaning cleaning technology can't waste process is a waste of time.

1. Surface ecru bleaching treatment;

Surface color bleaching processing: stainless steel shots in the machining process, after rolled plate, edge, welding or through artificial surface fire heating processing, producing black oxide coating.The hardness of film of oxide skin mainly NiCr2O4 and NiF two EO4 composition, before the general removal using strong corrosion of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid method.But this method cost, environmental pollution, harmful to human body, corrosion resistance, be being washed out gradually.At present to scale processing method mainly has two kinds:
Sand blasting method (shot) : mainly adopt the method of spray micro glass bead, remove black oxide on the surface of the skin.
Chemical method: using a non-polluting pickling passivation paste and normal temperature non-toxic cleaning fluid with inorganic additives for baptism.To achieve the aim of bleaching processing stainless steel bolus ecru.Handle is largely seems to be a light color.This method is useful for large, complex products is.

2. The mirror bright surface treatment
Surface of the mirror bright stainless steel shots treatment method: according to the complexity of the stainless steel products and user requirements is different respectively by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemistry polishing method to achieve bright luster.These three methods advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

3. The surface coloring treatment
Stainless steel shots coloring stainless steel products of various colors, not only increase the designs and varieties of products, and improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel shots has a unique strength, high wear resistance, excellent anti-corrosion performance and is not easy to rust and other excellent characteristics.Therefore widely used in chemical industry, food machinery, mechanical and electrical industry, environmental protection industry, household electrical appliance industry and home decoration, finishing industry, giving people the sense with luxuriant nobility.

Stainless steel shots development prospects will be more and more widely used, but the application of stainless steel bolus development largely determine its surface treatment technology development degree.

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