How to use dust sepetrator in shipbuilding

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Steel shot is the main raw materials used in ship industry, is indispensable.Coating workshop of steel shot cleaning is related to the shipbuilding industry an important step of piecewise coating quality.Modern efficient steel shot dust separator according to the working principle of the divided into two categories: air separation and magnetic separation.Steel shot to dust separator has a larger production capacity and the separation of high quality, after the separation of steel shot purity can reach more than 99%.

Experience has shown that the curtain type air separation steel shot dust separator can well satisfy the above two basic requirements, and easier to manufacture than magnetic separation type.Curtain type air separation steel shot and dust separator points vibrating screen curtain and drum screen curtain.Vibrating screen curtain type steel shot dust separator is mainly through the sieve steel grade of steel shot particles, and then recycling steel steel shot, tiny dust separation through the curtain;The drum screen curtain type steel shot dust separator is through the curtain winnowing the steel grade of steel shot particles, dust away by the airflow.Drum screen curtain type steel shot dust separator working principle is as follows:

1, due to the fan, at the levels of separation area produces a certain wind speed airflow, the curtain of steel shot and dust particles in the process of subsidence, such as by the effect of gravity and horizontal airflow, form a parabola.
2, steel shot dust mixture by adjusting the quantitative the gaps between the door and adjustable tongue plate, the curtain that fell into the trap.
3, steel shot by feed screw conveyor dust mixture into the cylinder screen, internal screw side of the drum screen mixture pushed forward, while the mixture by outer spiral slices off after sieving, large pieces of waste through the end.
4, due to dust particles is very small, sedimentation velocity small and was taken away by air.Steel shot into broken steel shot trough separately according to the particle size and recycling of steel shot.According to the factory situation, crushed steel shot or reuse, some abandoned.

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