How to use steel cut wire shot for cleaning

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Steel cut wire shot cleaning ability has been favored by the masses of users, and descaling effect is obvious.Here is to introduce the effect of steel cut wire shot derusting:

Steel wire cut shots in the air gun spraying efficiency is low, high pressure airless spray gun waste paint, and serious environment pollution has been so is being replaced for air spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun, and that's the cut wire shot because of the engineering machinery parts and components, steel cut wire shot heat capacity is big, so the antirust coating dull ordinary way with average baking hot air convection drying.

Small parts available water spray room, spray room or without pump air spray gun, spraying tool have high-pressure airless spray gun and air spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun, the heat source can act according to actual circumstances, use steam, electricity, light diesel oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, etc., due to the wide range of engineering machinery, specifications, parts, spare parts, more common with spray way to stop the coating, the status of the heat source can be introduced.

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