How to use steel scraps to make steel grits

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Steel shot is mainly used in steel production industry such as grinding, cleaning, etc.High carbon steel and alloy steel scrap is a major manufacturing raw materials of steel grit.

Below to introduce a kind of direct use of preparation of steel grit steel scrap process.Mainly includes the following steps:
(1) the material for high carbon steel and alloy steel scrap material, heating quenching process in the quenching device;
(2) after quenching steel scrap into the crusher for crushing, get shot semi-finished products;
(3) the steel grit semi-finished screening classification, namely was finished steel grit.This steel grit production method, to reduce both the traditional steel grit production process must first be pills for casting Angle steel scrap melting and build process, greatly saves the cost of production.  

Steel shot in pipeline corrosion protection, etc, also have important role, along with the development of science and technology and grinding technology in iron and steel production, steel shot will play a more important role.

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