How use steel shots for surface treatment

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Steel shot of metal processing.Steel shot is a kind of high-quality wear-resistant material, steel shot with moderate hardness, toughness, good impact resistance, long service life.When cleaning the workpiece has the very good elasticity, speediness, low consumption.Using a wide range of steel shot, such as casting, forging and machining parts surface treatment and parts heat treatment after surface treatment and other fields.General manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc are used steel shot.

Metal machinery and metal parts, after use, there will be some rust and surface uneven phenomenon, in order to guarantee the practicability of metal products and the appearance, we need the line after surface treatment.Below, we metal surface treatment method, and the steel balls in it, to make a summary.

For spraying the workpiece, we can carry out chemical processing methods, the use of acidic or alkaline solution and oxide on the surface of the workpiece and the oil produces chemical reaction, make its dissolved in acid or alkaline solution, to remove surface rust scale, and the purpose of the oil pollution.Chemical process adapted to the clear on the sheet, but the drawback is that: if the improper control of time, even adding corrosion inhibitor, also can make the steel produced corrosion phenomenon.

Can also be used manually, for the damaged parts using scraper, wire brush or grinding wheel, etc.By hand can remove rust and scale on the surface of the workpiece, but the manual labor intensity, low efficiency, poor quality, clear thoroughly.For more complex structure and porous parts, after acid pickling, immersed in crevices or residual acid in the cavity is difficult to eradicate.

Mechanical processing method, blasting and blasting method.Shot peening is divided into shot peening and sand blasting.Steel shot, steel grit, such as metal abrasive products, was carried out on the metal surface treatment, the force is big, clean effect is obvious.But the processing of shot peening on sheet workpiece, easy deformation of components, and steel shot hit the surface (no matter blasting or peening) make the metal base material deformation, because Fe3O4 Fe2O3 and plastic, no broken after stripping, deformation and the oil film and substrate, so with the oil of artifacts, shot blasting, shot peening can not thoroughly remove grease.

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